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Palmsprings escort Myra

Name: Myra
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 117
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English



Hello there lovely people of Palm Springs. I hear gentlemen love blondes and blondes love gentlemen. Do you believe in that old saying? Well, if you do then you’re in the perfect place to meet your dream blonde woman. My name is Myra your number one blonde escort in Palm Springs whenever you need a good time to spice your stay in the city. I’m a blonde escort with a perfect body and exceptional skills at entertaining and keeping my clients comfortable. My slender body figure is exactly what you need to get over the day-to-day stress and experience the fun side of life. We all need a break at some point in life to enjoy something good and I want to be the break you ever wanted. How do you find my white lingerie dress? Do you want to go further than what you’re seeing? Then go ahead and book me now! I always love when my clients open up and tell me straight away the kind of experience they want from me.

I’m just 21 years old and starting out as an escort but loving it. I serve my clients to my best without holding anything back. I always look forward to meeting my clients again as they always come looking for the same experience from me. I have a sweet B-cup bust and weigh 117 lbs. I’m 5ft 6inch tall and physically fit with an athletic body. I believe to be the perfect blonde who will fulfill all your erotic needs and desires in Palm Springs. Make is a possibility by calling me right away.